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Who we are


Multitel is a dynamic, innovative company that is very attentive to the Customer. It is divided into four Divisions to cover all aspects of the life-cycle of its products.
The divisions are:

  • Research and Development
    • Software: our developers realize software compatible with various operating systems (Microsoft, Linux, etc.) and that can be easily integrated into ad hoc projected devices;
    • Hardware/Firmware: our hardware designers identify and prepare the best project according to the Customers’ specific needs, in sinergy with our software architects.


  • Production
    We are specializes in the assembly and mounting of electronic components (SMD, PTH), in the development of prototypes and samples of PCBs from 2 to 10 layers and prototype of PCBs through the use of CNC (for those who only need prototypes of electronic cards) and we are able to realize small and medium/large productions.
    The operating staff is highly skilled and trained for the production of:
    • Pre-series samples;
    • Realization of PCBs;
    • Components purchasing;
    • Repair of equipment;
    • SMT mass production and mixed technology;
    • Reworking;
    • Finishing;
    • Firmware uploading;
    • Operational tests;
    • Final tests.


  • Technical Business Area
    The personnel of this department is periodically trained to be kept up-to-date regarding new technologies and security issues and solutions, and is specifically prepared for carrying out all the activities needed to project and develop systems for any security needs.


  • Maintenance and installation
    The personnel has all the security clearance requested by law and is specialized to assist our Customers on-site, all over around the world, in particular for the products made by Multitel, TELSY and SIPAL.